Player Interview: Tameer “TKCDotA” Chicktay

Is he just hype or is he the real deal?  Have Kaameel and Ridditz over sold him or is he really the South African Sumail!

Find out from none other than TKCDotA~ himself! Here at the Kaameel Chicktay DOTA blog.

|Current Team|
Exdee Gaming

|Previous Team|
The Keyboard Coalition

|Team Role/Position|
Mid/Position 2

|Favourite Heroes|
Puck, Imba Spirit


KC:  Some have coined you as being a part of the top 3 Mid players in SA. What do you think about that statement?

Castaway and depi are definitely the top two, so third place is the next step. I feel third place is a tightly contested spot, and it’s a little hard to say who owns it at this point. But I’m definitely improving fast and the potential is there.

KC:  How did you come up with the name TKCDotA~ ?

Two years back I played in a team called ‘The Keyboard Coalition’  aka ‘TKC’.  While chatting on Teamspeak with my teammates, we were saying how ‘TKC’ sounds cooler than ‘The Keyboard Coalition’, so we starting thinking of alternative meanings for it. At some point someone said “Tameer kills creeps”  I was playing safe lane carry at the time, and would spend the first 40 minutes of each game farming creeps. I decided the name fit and have used it ever since.

KC:  So seeing as you have “DotA” in you name What do you think about DotA the game as whole and more specifically​ it’s current state (7.06)?

Dota as a game: I specifically like how complex and challenging it is.
Regarding patch 7.06: I really like a lot of the new changes. Making jungle camps give 20% less gold and experience, but spawn more often. This brings back stacking, but more balanced than it used to be. Deny experience and the extra creep in the mid lane is a huge buff to the mid lane since you can get levels and gold faster, so that you can be ready to start running around and diving for kills sooner.

KC:  What are your goals and aspirations in eSports or life in general?

My goal is to play at the International. I’ll be working at it everyday for the next several years. I always would like to have a life outside of eSports, just to have some balance. Like a social life and some hobbies.

KC:  How many hours a day do you spend trying to achieve that goal?

I have a lot of free time, so I always try to play a minimum of 4 hours in a day, else I feel like I’m slacking. Recently, I’ve been playing about 6 hours a day, 7 days a week. I feel like anything over 8 hours becomes counter-productive, because I can’t focus that long, so I end up with bad habits.

KC:  How do the people around you take to your gaming profession? Is their someone special who has really helped you along or the contrary, put you down?

All my close family and friends are very supportive. My parents have always been supportive to whatever I wanted to do in life. I know not everyone is lucky enough to have such positive encouragement, and I’m really grateful to have such amazing people in my life.

KC:  Most fun teammate you’ve played with?

I played with Habibi for a little while in the Veneration team. Habibi is always having fun and laughing really hard, and it’s all very contagious.

KC:  What’s TKC like in game? Are you a smooth criminal, a Rager, or somewhere in between?

Depends on the environment I’m in. In officials I’ll only be vocal on relevant-to-game stuff, and won’t really say anything else. Sometimes I’m even more quiet than would be optimal, because​ I’m too focused on what I’m doing.. In practice I try to keep it the same, but will banter more. With friends, I don’t really care about the game, so I’ll just be having casual conversation about random topics. I’m usually emotionally neutral during games, even when I’m not feeling like it. I try my best not to act out on negative emotions and rather stay focused on what to do to win the game.

KC:  Who are some players here in the South African scene that you respect or fear? (Other than the 5 monsters from WRG!)

The only player I fear/respect enough to mention is depi. He consistently has more game impact than me, and makes my lane difficult when I face him middle.

KC:  You and your team were sort of under the radar prior to the VS Gaming Masters Cup LAN and the Mega8 winter cup. But since then you boys have been in quite the lime light finishing 5/6th at Masters Cup and 4th for the Mega8​ Winter Cup. To a lot of people this came as a surprise but how do you and the rest of the Exdee boys rate your recent performance?

We were the new kids on the block, so people were still figuring out where we fit into the scene.  3rd place has been and still is our goal at the moment. We’re taking it step by step. The 5th/6th finish at the masters LAN is exactly where we expected ourselves to be. We learned a lot as a team with our first LAN experience together, and we’re happy to have shown that improvement in the Mega8 results. I hope for us to be closing in on that 3rd place soon.

KC:  So you currently play mid for Exdee but most of your Dota2 career has been spent in the safe lane as postion 1 carry. What are the biggest differences between the two roles?

In terms of preference, I definitely have more fun playing mid and feel that the role suits me slightly more. I think the lane stage is different on mid since your lane is a lot more contested than safe lane usually is, which I find more intense and exciting. Also, generally you have to be a little less focused on objectives and farm, and more focused on finding kills and making space, at least this is the shift I’ve made that I feel works for my team. But there are different ways of playing it, especially since in recent times having your mid as a sort of pos1 has become quite popular.

KC:  If you could come up with a question​ for me to ask what would it be?

TKC:   Hmmm… oh, Favourite dota meme!!

“つ ◕_◕ つ Give DIRETIDE つ ◕_◕ つ”


KC:  Is he Hype or is he the real deal – only time will tell, but my ‘unbiased’ view is that the signs are there and this is definitely a player to keep your eyes on 😉



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