This week’s interviewee is none other than xTc’s MONSTER Carry-Player Adam “Adastam” Moore

|Current Team|
xTc Gaming

|Previous Team|
Aperture Gaming

|Team Role/Position|

|Favourite Heroes|
Invoker, Windranger(formerly Windrunner R.I.P your beautiful name), Juggernaut and Earthshakira!


KC:  When and how did you get into playing Dota?  

I started playing Dota casually at the beginning of 2007. I used to just jam once every weekend or so at a place called ZAPS at Brightwater Commons in Johannesburg with my brother. He taught me the ways. Haha. I started playing competitively around 2013/2014 I think 🙂

KC:  Why Dota? What makes you want to play Dota and keep on playing it?

I actually resented playing Dota when my brother first introduced it to me primarily because I was just plain awful at the game. He encouraged me to just keep playing and so I did. I shortly fell in love with Dota, with how every game is unique and entertaining. Dota is a game that is constantly changing and each game you play is just purely awesome. I love the competitive feel it has and I guess that is the main reason I stay…to try and be the best.

KC:  Yeah Man!  Dota is life!  Or like you said: Dota 4 life!  What are your personal goals and aspirations in Dota 2 and eSports in general?

Well personally I’d like to be the very best, like no-one ever was. To snatch aegis… is my real test. To Rampage is my cause. I will BT’s across the land, scanning far and wide. Each Dota player to understand, The electric vortex inside. Dota2

KC:  DOTAMON!!! That might just be the greatest answer ever given! So how many hours a day do you spend trying to be the very best like no-one ever was?

I’d say around 6 hours a day or so. Either playing,  watching replays or going over some guides.

KC:  You currently play for XTC but you previously played for Aperture Gaming. What do you think the biggest differences between the two teams are in terms of individual talent, team environment and just how the MGOs are run in general?

I don’t think there is any real major difference in individual talent to be honest. We are all pretty skilled players and it essentially comes down to teamwork. I would say team environment in xTc is not too far off from being in ApG. Haven’t had any rage quits during scrims so that is a positive 🙂

KC:  We in quite the “hot” season in the world of SA Dota with the Mega8 Winter Cup just around the corner and the DGL Masters Cup following.  What are you and your team doing to prepare for these tournaments?

Scrimming 6K-7K EU teams. We are playing against players that are better than us and improving a lot. We all feel really confident going into Mega8 Winter Dota2 Cup 🙂

KC:  So it’s a little known fact that you are the coach for Mythic Gaming. What does your role as coach for Mythic Gaming entail?  

My role as coach for Mythic gaming entails quite a lot. Ranging from lobby practice to replay analysis and also small things like last hitting. I’ve helped guide them and most importantly I try to get them to think about each and every decision and what can be done to improve on any mistakes possible. There are plenty more things I help them with but I’ll keep it simple.

KC: Tell us what you are like in game. Are you a cool cucumber, a ultra rAge boss or something in between?

Super cool cucumber. Not the most talkative person as I feel my role is pretty passive in the early games. I don’t think I ever rage at anyone no matter what. I will make calls once I feel I can start rotating or we can kill but otherwise I’m pretty quiet.

KC:  What are 3 things you would like to see in the South African eSports scene?

  1. Definitely cheerleaders before LAN events, whether it is male, female or apache attack helicopters!!

  2. More Masters players like myself willing to help the community grow in any way possible.

  3. More money put into the right hands to help expand the SA eSports scene would be lovely. Think most people would love to be able to play Dota or CSGO full time in the local Scene.

  4. More live tournaments would be amazing too <3

KC: Do you have any advice to give to the young and aspiring carry players out there? 

Something that actually taught me how to last hit was my brother used to flick me on the ear every time I missed a creep, it was actually quite painful. I quickly learnt how to last hit like a PogChamp . My advice would be that when you play Dota games, try focus on what you can do to improve your game. It is always easy to say something along the lines of “My team is shit that is why I lost” or “Gg mid fed” etc. Try think of what you personally do wrong and improve on that. Remember each and every time you die it is 100% your fault. So identify why and don’t let it happen again. 🙂

KC:  Adam,  you have given us a lot of insight into Adastam the player but what about Adam Moore the person!? What are some of the hobbies/interests you have outside of Dota?

I used to be very into sports such as Rugby, running, cricket, swimming and many more.

I was always a captain for whatever sports team I played for. Whenever I do something I like to take charge. I’m a natural leader at heart.

A few years back I was in an “accident” shall I say that forced me to be in and out of the hospital the whole time permanently going under surgery. I was unable to play any more sports after this and I fully devoted my time into Dota 2. My love for the game got me through some really bad times in my life, and because of my passion for Dota 2 I was able to get extremely good at the game relatively quickly.

Chess was a small love affair of mine although I got teased immensely for it.

I really really love tabletop games, especially the likes of Dead Panic which is currently my favourite.

Lastly and most importantly is spending time with my lovely girlfriend ^Tenshimon^.

KC: Thank you for the amazing answers and all the things you do for the DotA community Adam! Now is there anything else you would like to share with the world of Dota 2?

I once taught PPD how to blackhole with Enigma in a ranked game. All I had to do was blink and solo black hole him. I was watching his stream and he insta reported me 🙁 Feelsbadman

KC:  Did Adastam just admit to being a stream sniper? Report him here!

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