Kiev Majors – My thoughts

My Prediction Score


My Prediction

iG vs Mouz will be 2-0. iG are just too good right now


Liquid VS Newbee Is a tough one because both teams are insanely good but are having a bout of bad form. I think I’ll lean 1-2 to Newbee

DC VS VGJ. 2-0 to DC- I think they are the better team atm

VP VS iG.V. This could be a great game! both teams have highly skilled players and it all just depends who can show up on the day – Respect that VP finished 2nd in group though. So 2-0 to VP for me

TNC VS Faceless. TNC are in great form right now and I think in most matches i’d pin TNC as Favourite. But faceless do have a knack for beating them(4/5 times FL won) My gut tells me TNC 2-1/0

OG VS Random/WINGS. Wings are our Ti Champions so I know if they playing well they can beat anyone. But OG definitely are the favorites. 2-0 OG for me

Thunderbirds VS EG. This could be match of the day! EG are favourites but it’s a very even match up nonetheless. I rate 1-2 to EG

Team Secret VS SG. SG are the new kids on the block so they could have a couple of pocket strats that could hit anyone unexpectedly. But I think Secret going to continue their run and take em out 2-0 to Team Secret!

That’s my predictions for these couple a games. 😉

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